Drawio 更新到 v20.8.18

2023-02-09 10:42:00

Drawio 更新到 20.8.18



07-FEB-2023: 20.8.18

  • Fixes locked is not defined in read-only diagrams [DS-944]
  • Fixes offset of terminal point after drag and drop
  • Fixes special cases for drag and drop from sidebar
  • Fixes parents for adding edges in cell hierarchies
  • Fixes point offsets for duplicated edges in groups

06-FEB-2023: 20.8.17

  • Fixes connection points dialog, adds help button
  • Fixed connection points losing dx, dy on edit (DS-943)
  • Improves UX for UML sequence diagrams [DID-7338]
  • Fixes initial embedded inline editor position
  • Fixes default fill color on UML frame label
  • Fixes inconsistent font color for condition shape

02-FEB-2023: 20.8.16

  • Fixes overriden CSS for buttons and button states [drawio-3326]
  • Uses manifest version 3 in Notion Chrome extension
  • Fixes possible NPE in async resize handler
  • Clear default style action disables sketch mode [drawio-3331]
  • View sketch option no longer updates existing cells[drawio-3331]

01-FEB-2023: 20.8.15

  • Adds debug output, improves UX in Notion extension
  • Fixes clipping of start screen checkbox in dialog
  • Fixes vertical alignment of show start screen item
  • Fixes CSS for default action button [drawio-desktop-1219]

31-JAN-2023: 20.8.14

  • Updates in-place editor after scroll and UI change
  • Fixes CSS specificity and global styles [DID-7294]
  • Limit convert labels to SVG option to online draw.io only
  • [conf cloud] Adds config option to disable the automatic generation of the preview images from the page view ["disableEmbedAutoImgGen": true] [DID-7251]
  • Ignore events on selection border and parent shape
  • Fixes library save, improves error handling [drawio-3323]

26-JAN-2023: 20.8.13

  • Fixes NPE when changing colors from toolbar [drawio-3315]

26-JAN-2023: 20.8.12

  • Updates CSP and script check for new JS index.html
  • Fixes setDefaultStyle if updateDefaultStyle is false
  • Updated express dependency of nodeImport (vsd server) [CSP-1246]
  • Prevent XSS due to unsanitized input [CSP-1267]
  • Attempt to fix NPE in mxVertexHandler.redrawHandles
  • Error message links to Notion and diagram template
  • Fixes picker and background in inline embed mode
  • Adds links to templates, minimum size for editor
  • Fixes initial view state for inline embed editing
  • Adds viewer entry to CSP generation

24-JAN-2023: 20.8.11

  • Simplifies error logging code for parser in MSEdge
  • Adds orgchart to PWA, fixes orgchart in CSV [2028]
  • Adds Custom Orgchart button and handling in dialog
  • Fixes keyboard input in native color dialog [3291]
  • Improves error handling in Notion extension [3284]
  • Adds updateDefaultStyle for tracking style changes
  • Fixes possible NPE in StyleFormatPanel.addStyles

20-JAN-2023: 20.8.10

  • [conf cloud] Handles some common errors in initializing viewer
  • [desktop] Updates internal filename in desktop after save as

20-JAN-2023: 20.8.9

  • Handles possible errors in custom links
  • Adds paste data in style tab for multiple cells
  • Improves error logging in P2PCollab [drawio-nextcloud-27]

19-JAN-2023: 20.8.8

  • Updates actions after undo history events [drawio-3294]
  • Adds navigation items to context menu in simple UI
  • Mermaid Updated to v9.3.0
  • Updates express dependency of nodeImport (vsd server) [CSP-1246]
  • [conf cloud] Removes auth dialog in Safari with anonymous access [DID-7219]

19-JAN-2023: 20.8.7

  • Fixes initial page ID and name when creating files [DS-941]
  • [vsdx] Fixed edge/vertex detection [DID-7208]
  • Fixes log of ignored anoymous and extension errors

18-JAN-2023: 20.8.6

  • Returns trash URL for trashed Google Drive files
  • Moves refresh icon to header in GitHub file dialog
  • Shift+click in shape picker updates selected cells
  • Fixes refresh icon for OneDrive picker in dark mode
  • Fixes default stroke color applied in UML subshape
  • Applies basic text styles to cells with text class
  • Updates DOMPurify from 2.3.6 to 2.4.3
  • Fixes possible NPE in mxGraph.cloneCells
  • Ignores errors in script source files
  • Shows paste style button for multiple selected cells
  • Calls auth fallback on parse error in Google Drive
  • Handles invalid JSON in P2PCollab message listener
  • Improves error handling for pasting cells
  • Improves error handling for firing mouse events
  • Executes layouts in min and simple layout submenu
  • Fixes center, rounds waypoint for parallel routing
  • Fixes possible NPE for adding SVG with no viewBox
  • Fixes possible NPE in shape picker
  • Hides button to add custom plugins if not allowed
  • Fixes possible NPE in hideDialog
  • Fixes possible NPE in OneDriveClient

12-JAN-2023: 20.8.5

  • Fixes possible NPE [DID-7061]
  • Shows spinner while authorizing with Google Drive
  • Conf & Jira Cloud: Added error check to JSON.parse in multiple locations [DID-7101]
  • Lucid import: Added support for notes [DID-7053]
  • Retries saving after invalid response from Google
  • Fixes possible NPE in mxCellEditor
  • Fixes hidden Format option in view menu [DID-7133]
  • About shift+click prints window and app to console
  • Fixes possible NPE in Lucid import extension

11-JAN-2023: 20.8.4

  • Fixes evt is not defined in selectSiblings action
  • Adds sharp, rounded, curved option for wire shapes
  • Fixes drawing of markers and shadows in wire shape
  • Fixes sidebar triggers autosave, scale for preview
  • Fixed OneDrive share link [3273]
  • Fixes clientId in checksum error fallback logging
  • Fixes preview graph state, drag preview background
  • Shift+Click on About menu item shows console
  • [conf cloud] Adds viewerCanExceedPageWidth settings to allow increasing the viewer size above the allowed width [DID-7094]
  • Adds fallback for missing translations to show key
  • Fixes specificity for gePrimaryBtn dark mode style
  • Fixes possible NPE for missing resource in confirm
  • Saves file to Google Drive if sharing unavailable
  • Fixes draft dialog shape background for dark mode
  • Adds merge/unmerge to context menu for table cells
  • Fixes reset of view state after initial file save
  • Fixes change stroke color for table cells and rows
  • Removes span with cell styles after paste of text
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